Linda Wilson - UI / UX Designer Melbourne

Linda Wilson has 15 years experience
as a UX / UI Designer. Based in Melbourne.

Life is a rodeo.

In my 15+ years experience in every aspect of tech, from publishing to startups to the thug life of freelancing, I've been promoted, humbled, lauded, cheated and had funding both granted and pulled. I've made massive amounts of passive income, lost it all and started again. I've run teams, run solo and always run back for more.

For the past six years I've travelled while working as a UX and UI designer and developer in cities across the world, including Berlin, Santiago, Toronto and Mexico City.

I am equally comfortable in both a Startup environment, or Corporate.

I think different and I'm unconventional.

I use both formal and informal research methods to understand problems and translate them into tangible insights.

Example 1. While part of the Startup Chile incubator, I took questionnaires out onto the streets of Santiago, stopped people (while hoping they spoke English) and asked them if they would fill out our survey relating to a travel app I was trying to get off the ground.

Example 2. I stayed in hostels for the sole purpose of being able to approach travellers and ask them questions about their travels and discover their pain points (lack of clean toilets was a big one!).

Result. After collating 50 or so surveys I was able to prove our assumptions about solo travel (and why people travel solo) were wrong. By learning this, we avoided building a feature that would have cost weeks of development.

I have an in-depth understanding of user interface design including usability, accessibility and responsive design.

I understand Usability.

As a UX Designer I used Hotjar to analyse user journeys across a client website to recognise drop-off points. By gathering this data I was able to re-design and re-focus the user journey to lead them more directly to the contact page.

I understand responsive design.

Example 1. As a frontend designer (HTML, SCSS) on Goodpin (a React web app project), I created the responsive media queries and SCSS based on the supplied designs.

Example 2. As a UI Designer for a German insurance company, Shared Life, in Berlin I had to design a responsive web app using Sketch. Both web and mobile designs were supplied via Invision prototypes.

I understand accessibility.

As a UI Designer in Toronto I worked on Canada's Food Guide for the Canadian Government. I was tasked with creating the style guide (as part of the Design System) for parts of the project. Every element, component, icon, link and colour had to adhere to strict accessibility guidelines as per the W3C Guidelines.

I am a pragmatic designer and solutions-focussed. Every project is unique and I apply whichever design or research methods are most suitable to the project.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and enquiries about future opportunities are welcome.

Thank you so much for reading.