Linda Wilson - UI / UX Designer Melbourne

Linda Wilson has 15 years experience
as a UX / UI Designer. Based in Melbourne.

Awake Labs

Awake Labs builds software to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities live healthier and more independently.

I started with Andrea and Paul while working out of a co-working space in Toronto. As a youngish startup, UX Design had kind of been put on the backburner as they grew so I came on-board for a 3 month contract help make sense of their app and create an easier signup process for each of the 4 groups that use the app.

Awake Labs iPhone design done in Sketch

My Role

I was lead UX and UI Designer for the app. Eventually, I also designed and built their website and helped them with some graphic design. But that's another story for another time.

This showcase is about the UX and UI work performed on the iOS app.

*The wireframe below has been simplified for presentation

Awake Labs UX Flow

The Challenge

Reveal Stories does a lot of things for a lot of different people and there was confusion in the signup process.

Depending on who (families, teachers, doctors and service providers) was creating the account, they needed access to different fields and attributes. The goal was to guide new users through an easy-to-use setup regardless of their role in the person's life.

How can we simplify the signup process and make it specific to particular users?

The below is the signup process for parents of people who suffer from Autism.

It's more personal and contained fields that only a parent would know such as their daily habits and goals.

For example, Doctors would be presented with fields relevant to the patients medical history and all of this information could be added to by any carer that needed to access the profile of the patient / person.

Reveal Stories by Awake Labs in available on the App Store but you must switch to the Canadian store to download it.

Awake Labs UX Flow

Get in Touch

Reveal Stories has had updates. For a full showcase of the work I did, please get in touch.