Linda Wilson - UI / UX Designer Melbourne

Linda Wilson has 15 years experience
as a UX / UI Designer. Based in Melbourne.

The Goal

Gather and understand complex technical requirements from Optus Network adminstrators in order to allow Optus Business customers to make their own changes and updates.

This would bring Optus up to standards with other large telcos and also free up time on the manual side of the business.

My Role

I was brought onto just one part (but a large part) of the Optus 'Liquid Infrastructure' project as a UX and UI designer for a 3 month contract and part of an 8 person team.

The project was a long way in and I had to quickly understand complicated technical requirements across a large product range in various stages of design and development.

Requirements were gathered in the form of workflows, user stories and use cases. These were then divided into weekly sprints and designed.

User Stories and Use Cases

Complex Workflows

Implemented designs based on UX research

Get in Touch

Liquid Infrastructure is a very large project. For a full showcase of the work I did at Optus, please get in touch.